Super Cheap and Cute Valentine’s Craft

I love Valentine’s Day,
because we all get to celebrate LOVE!!
I know some people aren’t very excited about the day,
because they don’t have that “SPECIAL SOMEONE” to
spend it with, but I for one, love it!
Here is a super cheap and cute Valentine’s craft,
that was really easy to do.Good Ideas
So, I started out with a blank 2×6 that was about 8″ long.
Good IdeasWith permission…
these came from a discarded wood pile at a construction site.
They varied in length from 7-9″ long.
My husband sanded the edges for me,
and then I wiped the sawdust off and began painting them PINK.Good IdeasAfter the paint dried, I used a basic alphabet stencil
and penciled in my letters.
I pushed them as far right as I could,
leaving a little space on the far left side for embellishments.
I chose to do the word “love” and “XOXO.”
ps…xoxo stands for kisses and hugs.Good IdeasI then used black craft paint and filled in the letters.
I could have used vinyl for the letters,
but I wanted this project to be easily duplicated by all,
(even by those who don’t have access to vinyl lettering.)
ps…hopefully everyone can buy or has access to craft paint.
Good IdeasAfter my black letters dried, I rubbed a dark stain+sealer
over the Valentine sign, to give it a worn look.Craft IdeasAnd just for a little frill,
I added some ribbon and tulle to one end of the sign!Craft IdeasHere is the XOXO Valentine Sign.Craft IdeasHere is the Love Sign.Craft IdeasThese will turn out as great neighbor gifts.
Add a plate of Valentine’s Goodies and it’s a Home Run!
Not bad, for a few pieces of free wood,
some craft paint, and a little ribbon!Craft Ideas

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