Five Decor Tips That Will Impress Other Men In Your Living Room

When men and women design décor, they tend to approach the challenge from different angles. For women, this is a chance to express themselves and to choose a décor that will feel comfortable and homely; while for men it is an opportunity to show off to friends and demonstrate their success and accomplishments. Almost everything men do is a competition for the most part, and this is no different when it comes to designing a living room. That’s why you bought that huge flat screen TV right? To impress your male guests? Well here are a few other things you can do to give your room that satisfying ‘wow factor’.

Transforming Elements

Any feature in a room that is hidden until you press a button is instantly cool. If you have a TV for instance that is hidden behind a panel in the wall until you press a button to automatically reveal it, then you can expect raucous applause from all your male visitors. This is at once James Bond, Dr No and Transformers and it always feels cool.

Clapping Switches

Clapping switches for your lights are something of a gimmick granted, and not a particularly modern one at that. Still though, there is still something innately satisfying about being able to command your lighting from wherever you are in the room and be obeyed. This way you can show off your dominium over your room and your supreme command in your property. Expect your friends to try and usurp and annoy you thought by constantly clapping to turn the lights back off…


Having a samurai sword sitting on top of the TV is cool and impressive for a lot of people. Not only is this a weapon that Samurais use (and a great opportunity to show off lots of geeky knowledge once you’ve researched them online), but it is also a sign of rebellion. You managed to get your partner to agree to let you have a blade in your living room. That makes you the man.

Reclining Seats

Whether it’s Lazy Boy or reclining sectional sofas, the ability to recline in your chairs is always going to be highly indulgent and very cool. Let your guest sit down in the chair with a groan and then express how ‘good it feels to sit down’. Then smile knowingly and say ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet’, before pulling a lever on your chair and making it sink back into the most blissful position imaginable. For extra man points, look for seating with a stereo in the headrest or a beer holder in the arm.

Sound System


An amazing TV is something that most guys have these days, but an amazing sound system is what sets the boys apart from the men. Invest in stereo sound and brag about how it’s designed to maximize ‘immersion’. Better yet, link it into to your stereo and your phone so that you can control the sound wherever you are and once again display your seeming omnipotence. Until your wife pulls the plug…

This article was submitted by Sophia Easton; she is an interior designer by profession and a self-professed blogging enthusiast.

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