Reaching Boiling Point With The Battle Of The Stoves

Our stoves play a considerable role in the satisfaction we take from our kitchens. Like all home appliances, our decisions here can drastically impact everything from room functionality to appearance. You could say, then, that choosing the ideal stovetop before embarking on kitchen renovations is fundamental. 

Surprisingly few of us ever consider the stoves that suit our needs best, and so have no clue where to even start with getting this right. Appearances do, of course, come into play, but you’ll also want to consider cooking capabilities themselves. 

To help, we’re going to look at the three main stoves on the market right now, and what each could bring to your kitchen redesign



Electric stoves are some of the most popular of the moment and are available in either coil or smooth top variations which are sure to suit modern designs. Such options are widely available at affordable prices, and even bring the benefit of cost-efficient energy-saving. With the smooth surfaces also making for easy cleaning, electric is a top pick for busy professionals. 

That said, slow cooling could spell safety trouble for families with young kids. This same issue can also cause setbacks when cooking certain foods, including recipes that rely on heat control such as steak, and even meals prone to boil over. That said, if fast cleaning times rather than heat focus matter to you, this is a top option to go for.


Gas hobs are an old staple, but they remain a solid market contender for a few reasons. Not only are these the ideal country-style kitchen additions, but they also offer temperature control that’s difficult to come by in electric offerings. That would free you to cook the perfect steak, or even help you perfect calamari recipes like this one on The Mediterranean Dish that may be out of reach on electric. Potential downsides are the fact that gas isn’t the most eco-friendly option. What’s more, cleaning is much trickier due to a more part-heavy surface, though a lower risk of food boiling over can at least save you from creating quite as much mess with each meal you create. 


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Induction hobs are a new contender, but they’re already proving popular. Again ideal for more modern kitchens, this choice uses electromagnetic heating technology to cook without heating hob surfaces. That makes this the perfect option for family homes and accident-prone chefs. That said, induction hobs do have the same issues as electric stoves in terms of temperature control. Given that this is mainly new tech, it is also worth noting that some older cookware won’t work with those magnetic fields. But, if safety is your priority and you’re aiming for the space-age vibe, this is a definite contender.

Ultimately, hob choice is going to come down to a range of factors, none less so than your overall kitchen design. Simply consider these pointers alongside appearance to settle on the stove that’ll best fit in your new space for spectacular cooking at all times.

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