Ways to Lighten up a Dark Home

Many people are living in homes that simply do not have enough light. This is especially true for people living in the cities. Unfortunately, a dark living space is not suitable for our mental health. Adding a Wall lighting fixture into the home, one way or another can have a drastic effect on happiness. It is a mood enhancer that can help you feel more productive and that you can achieve anything. It does not matter how you do it, but if you do have a dark room, it’s high time you started thinking of ways to let more light in. Here are a few tried and tested methods including the use of lights powered by sun itself.

lighten up a home

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This is a bit of a no brainer in a dark room, but it needs to be said, as there is more than just the obvious to consider. First, look at the lighting you already have. Are all the bulbs and light fittings working properly? Are there any light-absorbing lampshades that need to go? Think about getting higher light-emitting bulbs and lampshades that reflect light instead. Perhaps some glass, or crystal ones, could see you well. Then it would help if you thought about adding more lights, some downlighting on the walls always gives a lovely ambiance to a room. Also, some spotlighting such as https://www.lepro.com/gu10-led-bulbs could be a great additive to your home. The benefit with these sorts of bulbs is that if you wanted to at night while watching a movie, you could dim them too. Lighting is a sure-fire way to help illuminate a dark room.

To light up your patio there is no better way than using the pergolas of aluminum pergola Arizona in this way the sun light will pass without being so harsh.

A paint over  

When was the last time you made an effort with the walls? Over time paint becomes darker and less reflective, also it may have absorbed some of the household things in the air. And, if they are a dark color, they will not be doing your lighting problem any favors. So, it is time to give the walls a paint over. The idea is to add light, so go for a nice bright color, like white or yellow. For the more creative people out there, you might want to go for wild pinks or something. Whatever you choose, as long as it has the effect of bouncing light across the room to make the home feel more alive. When you think about this, it may also be worth you while knowing that color can affect mood. So, remember that when you are in the hardware store picking out that paint.

A hall of mirrors

Okay, so a hall of mirrors may be taking it a bit too far, but adding a mirror into a dark house can make the home so much brighter, and will give the illusion of space in small rooms. If the bedroom is the darkest room, perhaps you could benefit from a mirrored wardrobe. However, in every other room, wall hanging mirrors are absolutely fine. You may want them strategically placed at angles to spread light down a dimly lit corridor, for example. Mirrors are a great trick for adding light. 

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