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Amy AllredJust a little about the creator of GoodIdeasandTips.com…My name is Amy Allred and I am a full time mother of three girls. I am a Christian, and a Republican. I believe in choosing the right, at all times and in all places. I was raised by two incredible people who I lovingly call, Mom and Dad. I have one sister, who is one of my biggest supporters and my BFF, and one brother, who is the bomb-diggity-bomb. I L.O.V.E. creating and crafting with just about anything I can use or re-use. My favorite craft accessories are my sewing machine, my bottle of Mod Podge, my blue scissors, my long handled hammer, and my chop saw. Aside from my interest in creating new things, and assisting others in finding their passions, I love hanging out on the beach, traveling around the world and spending as much time as possible with my super duper fine hubby(who I desperately smother) and my three daughters (who are the joy of my life and bring me more happiness than I could have ever imagined).

The overall goal of GoodIdeasandTips.com is to provide a source for creativity, randomness, humor, and to provoke participation from every single person who visits this site. So bring your ideas and your random tips and I’ll feature you right here on GoodIdeasandTips.com with a link to your site. I Love to Feature new peeps and their ideas!

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