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Interior decorating ideas for your home that can work on any budget. Creative and appealing home decor.

Restoring Dignity to Your Garage

I found a pretty cool and very common sense infographic today, which talks about restoring dignity to your garage. I can totally …

Wood Log Bolsters

What the Heck is a Bolster!

This just shows how oblivious I am to the world of interior design and decor, but I recently added a new word …

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring and Your Home

It’s impossible to debate the fact that hardwood flooring adds a natural elegance and richness to any home. Not only does the …

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Bombay Accents with Interior Design

In interior design and decor, accents are the accessory items that accentuate existing furniture, patterns, textures and color schemes. Bombay accents do …

Choosing the right curtains

Choosing the Right Curtains

Tip of the Day Window treatments for the home should always be chosen with a great deal of care. Curtains can enhance …

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Tuesday’s Tip from Pinterest

(((This Tuesday Tip was found on Pinterest! And was created by Karen from Strictly Simple Style ))) buy tablecloths to use as …

Craft Ideas

Burlap Barn Star

Do you remember my “passion for burlap?” post? Well, on that post, I featured tonz of things that had been created or …

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Update Your Room with Fancy Switchplates

You guys are going to love what I just found. Fancy switchplates by Renu. Leviton’s newest product: Renu was actually featured on the DIY Network and it’s such a brilliant way to update the look of a room in a snap! It’s so stinkin’ easy too!! {double high five} If decorating is your passion, you’re gonna love Renu®!

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Create Your Own Stone

Have you been wanting to do a little home improvement project, or maybe spruce up the look of your home? On the …

Easter Wreath

Crafty Easter Wreath Ideas

Today’s topic, here at Good Ideas and Tips, is Easter Wreaths, and there are so many cute ideas on the web that …

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Cheap Bathroom Redo

Well, If you remember from a few post ago, I had found a great bathroom sign that I wanted to re-create in …

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Burlap Passion

I’m In L.O.V.E. with Burlap and all of it’s many uses. This post is completely dedicated to Burlap! First up…Burlap PlacematsThese are …