How To Have a Girl Baby

Good IdeasI know this is a little off topic from my usual posts, but I do love Random Tips and this is
a little recipe I got from my college professor of Marriage and Family.


1.  Intercourse should cease two to three days before ovulation

2. Intercourse should be preceded, on each occasion, by an acid douche consisting of two tablespoons of white vinegar to a quart of water.  The timing might be enough to insure female offspring, but the douche-which is completely harmless-makes success all the more likely, since the acid environment immobilizes the androsperms.

3. If the wife normally has orgasms, she should try to avoid it.  Orgasm increases the flow of alkaline secretions, and these could neutralize or weaken the acid environment that enhances the chances of the gynosperms.

4. The face-to-face or “missionary” position would be assumed during intercourse.  Dr. Shettles believes that this makes it less likely that sperms will be deposited directly at the mouth of the cervix, where they might escape the acid environment.

5. Shallow penetration by the male at the time of male orgasm is recommended.  Again, this helps make certain that the sperm are exposed to the acid in the vagina and must swim through it to get to the cervix.

6. No abstinence from intercourse is necessary until after the final intercourse two or three days before ovulation.  We have seen that a low sperm count increases the possibility of female offspring, so frequent intercourse, prior to the final try two or three days before ovulation, cannot hurt and may actually help: this may be why Dr. Shettles says, “Having Girls is more Fun,” because there is lot’s of practice!!

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