Terrace Tables

Hey Guys, have you heard about a folding terrace table?
Well I hadn’t either, until one of our fabulous readers, Tony,  introduced me to the great idea.
Good Ideas

The tables come in a few different styles and can fold away, so when you don’t need them they are out of the way.
However, when you need the extra surface for a meal or grill, they are ready for use!
If you live in a apt/condo you probably have a balcony that is small. Most likely its difficult to to find outdoor furniture that fits properly and functionaly. Problem solved with the Terrace Table. Its a table that hangs from the balconys railing and folds away when not in use. I think anyone with a balcony would LOVE to have one.
Check it out at www.terracetable.com.
(ps…what a perfect Christmas present for that person with a smaller balcony!!…I’m just saying…hint hint!!)

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