Simple Tricks For Organizing Your Craft Supplies

If you are big into your crafting, you’ll have all sorts of equipment and materials lying around the place. But if you aren’t careful, your whole house will be taken over by leftover scraps of material and tools before you know it. That’s why organization is key if you are going to keep on top of your craft supplies. If you get into good habits from the start, it will be easy to keep everything well organized. That means that your craft supplies won’t take over the house and you won’t spend ages looking for things when you are starting a new project. If you haven’t got a system in place for organizing your craft supplies, here are a few good tips. 

organizing craft supplies

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Pick The Right Location


Picking the right location for your crafting area is absolutely key because if you don’t have enough space, that’s when you’re going to run into storage issues. If you are working on smaller projects, you can easily set up an area in the house. You can use a spare room or even just a corner of a bigger room. As long as you have a table to work on and some storage, you should be fine. 


If you are working on larger projects, things get a little more difficult. If you start working on things like furniture in a spare room, you’re going to make a big mess and things will quickly start to spill out into other areas of the house. In that case, it’s best to set up a separate craft area away from the house. You could consider putting a metal carport outside and using that as a craft area. You can still use it for the car and general storage because you have plenty of space out there, and it’s a much cheaper option. 




Pegboards are ideal for storing crafting supplies. If you attach one to the wall, you can get hooks in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Smaller hooks are great for storing things like thread and wool, and you can get some bigger ones to hang your tools on as well. As long as you plan the layout of your pegboard beforehand, you should be able to get most of your supplies on there. 


Drawer Dividers 


If you use drawers to store craft supplies, you need to get some dividers in there. Without dividers, you have a big mess of different things stuffed in a drawer and when you are trying to find something, you can spend hours searching through it all. But if you get some dividers and split the drawer into distinct sections for each item, it’s easy to manage it all. 




If you do a lot of crafts, it’s likely that you’ve used mason jars at some point. They’re ideal for candles or homemade food items as gifts, but have you thought about using them for storage as well? All those little odds and ends that you can’t fit on a pegboard or in your drawers can go straight in a mason jar. Line them up on the shelf and you’ll be able to find what you need right away. 


If you follow these simple storage tips, you can get your craft supplies organized and stop them from cluttering up the rest of the house. 

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