Good IdeasWith the winter months upon us, goodideasandtips.com knows that having the right gear is a must.  Let me tell you about a little site called Etsy Kids.

The EtsyKids Team is a diverse group of talented and dedicated Etsy shop owners making items for babies, toddlers, and children.  Although they all come from different backgrounds and corners of the world , they are held together by the fact that their members all love to create things for children. In their members’ shops, you will find a wide variety of items ranging from clothing to toys to furniture to art and everything in between, in every style imaginable.

At Etsy Kids you will find the winter 2009 A to Z Shopping Guide, where you can shop for all the best handmade stuff for babies, toddlers, and children. The A to Z shopping guide on the website is a place for EtsyKids members to showcase their best handmade items.  The shopping guide is updated quarterly, with fresh items added with each new season.   This is one of my favorites, as my girls love to wear their cowgirl boots with skirts as well!Good Ideas

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