My Dominos Pizza Review

Good IdeasAs many of you know, Dominos Pizza has recently revamped their recipes and have supposedly improved their crust, sauces, and toppings.  So last we gave the new Pizza a try.  This is my review.  It was great!!  As far as the toppings go, they were super delicious.  As far as the sauce goes, it was a little sweeter than I would prefer, but with the flavor of the toppings, it complemented one another well.  AND THE CRUST, oh the Crust, it was sooooo………..good!  That’s right!  I couldn’t wait to get to the crust.  It had such delicious spices on it, that by the time I reached the crust, I was excited because it was so good.  It was like finishing my piece of pizza with a super tasty bread stick.  The crust was my favorite.  So, all in all, I feel that the Dominos Pizza Improvements, are definitely IMPROVEMENTS and delicious!  So here’s a good idea, Go get some and try it for yourself!

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