Good IdeasOkay…there are certain phrases that I use in my every day language, or that I hear others use in their language and I always think, “man, I love that!”  So I wanted to share one of my favorites with you today.  But first, a little non-related background on the phrase.  You know how there are way too many “Free Willy” movies and way too may “Land Before Time Movies?”  Well it seems there is another film series that is being beaten to death.  “Bring it On.” It’s a cheer movie, and I am sure, well it seems, that every year there is a new one of these cheer flicks.  Anyways, one of my favorite lines in the movie that I love to MOCK is “Bring It On,” and then the opponent says, “OH, I’ll Bring it.”  It just cracks me up.  So, here is my good idea, just once I want the cheerleaders to say, “It’s On,” and then her opponent would say the phrase of the day,
“Oh, It’s on, It’s on like Donkey Kong!” I know super random, but that’s how my brain works!!

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