Say goodbye to August and HELLO to our new friend September!? That’s right, it’s the beginning of the month and time to check your calendars.? Here is a Good Idea…Look for Birthdays, Anniversaries, and any other types of celebrations and get your cards out, or make some celebration-appropriate cards.? The beginning of the month is a great time to get cards and gifts ready to send.? (This way, we aren’t late!!)? I prefer to make my cards rather than purchasing pre-made store-bought cards.? But, whatever, to each their own, RIGHT??!!? I have even seen some cards that are store-bought and then embellishments are added and that is cute too.? But if we are being truthful here, it really doesn’t matter to most people.? But, FOR ME, I like to let my friends and family know that I put a little extra effort into thinking about them…that’s all.? So here is an Anniversary card I made for this month.? It’s fun…super easy, and just a little twist in your typical schedule!!? YEAH…let’s break up the monotony, and make some cards!

Good IdeasHere is a side note to our card making; just in case you were wondering…I purchase most of my supplies at Hobby Lobby, Scrapbook Stores, or Michaels.? So this little flower came from the Hobby Lobby in a package of 6!

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