Hand Made Congrats Card

Good IdeasYesterday, I showed you two “Thank You” cards and one “Thinking About You” card.? Today, I am show-casing a simple “Congrats” card.? Generally people get “Congrats” when they get married or graduate.? So those cards usually run black, white, silver, or gold…more formal if you will.? But today, I made a fun “Congrats” card for those times when someone finds out that their adoption is going through, or your sister successfully finished all her laundry…haha.? Anyways, it’s a Good Idea to have some fun ones on hand and not so serious!

HOW TO: I took a white card+envelope that I purchased from Hobby Lobby in a 50 pack and the ribbon was purchased there as well.? I placed two small rectangles, the white and light blue, one on top of another and then tied the ribbons around the center.? I adhered those to the card and then added the little tag with the flower and brad….super simple and so cute!!

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