Little Girl Tutu Costumes

Good Ideas Okay, I love little Halloween Costumes and so I found a bunch of really cute sites. Now keep in mind, I am a mother of 3 little girls, so my obvious choices will be a little girly. So far, one of my favorites is this little scarecrow.(Price $85)
(I have a secret below)

Some Additional sites are Luca Bleu, Etsy, Costume Craze, Buy Costumes

(MY SECRET)—you can make almost any of these adorable costumes yourself!!!
The little Scarecrow is super-duper easy to make. If you’ll look closely there is a pretty thick band of ribbon around her chest and then the tulle is doubled and looped around the ribbon and through itself. The flowers and crow are hot-glued or sewn on, and then the other main (non-itchy) ribbon is looped in the opposite direction of the tulle, center of the chest, and then tied around the neck. With a skin-colored or fleshy leotard this would work out adorably. This same idea would be so cute for a witch, done with black and green and maybe a little purple tulle. Or maybe a pixie fairy, ladybug, or bumblebee.  And the awesome thing is that it can be made any length you like and tulle is only $1.00 or less a yard.
Good IdeasCheck out this site ****HERE****for a ton of other tutu costume ideas to make yourself or purchase from these incredibly creative individuals!!

Good Ideas

If you don’t want to make it on your own, you can purchase these adorable tutu’s from

Just another cutie pie, (I love Raggedy Anne and Andy)Good Ideas

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