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Good Ideas

I know most of my blog post are fun and creative ideas on making life enjoyable. I absolutely love love love, to create, make, and do do do. But something that rings very true to me, is being an entrepreneur.  I also know that with the beginning of a new year, 2011, many of you may be starting something new.  That may be a business or job, or even your own income producing activity.  So I am going to address that just a bit today.

In fact, this may not even effect most of you who follow or read my blog,
but it is one of the best ideas I can share with you.

*If you are going to start a new business this year, my best piece of advice is to find the person who is making the most money in that chosen business, or endeavor and take advice from them, or even sign up with them.  Now this may be a little bit of a harsh concept, but the truth is, if you are “IN IT TO WIN IT,” then play with those who are already winning.  If I am playing a card game or something similar, I am going to use strategies and techniques to win.

If I were a professional ball player, I would only want to be transferred or play with the winning team.  If I were a jewelry designer or retailer, I would take advice from the person or company who has sold the most jewelry. A cupcake blogger, would research and study the cupcakes of those who made the most exquisite cupcakes of all.

You get the point….

Because that is WHAT I AM HERE TO DO…..WIN!!

If I were to join a new business today, I would find the person who was experiencing the most success and I would sign up with them.  Now that may be the person who introduced the opportunity to me, or it may be someone else entirely.  I have owned my own “Event Planning Business” which primarily focused on weddings and receptions, and I have owned my own successful network marketing company as well.  And if I know one thing, or have come to learn one successful principal which helped propel me forward, it is and has been, “PLAY TO WIN” by associating with the most successful players!

Have a Wonderful New Year, and BE IN IT TO WIN IT!!!

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