Good IdeasJust wanted to explain my recent slackin’ off.  WE MOVED OUT OF STATE!!  Yep, we left our beautiful Arizona and have come to the “state of adventure,” UTAH.  My husband was recruited to a company here and so we just moved.  The “JUST” part is an understatement.  I don’t believe moving is ever a small venture!  So, as my cousin Tif commented on FB, “I’m sure you will get use to the snow, you’ll grow to love it. WE were just saying that living in Utah might be great someday, there is SO much outdoor adventure. Moab, Lake Powell, tons of skiing, tons of hiking, tons of mtn. biking, Arches Natl. Park, Zion Natl. Park, Bryce Canyon.”  But she is right, there is a lot of snow and it keeps falling and getting colder.  My lips are slightly frozen, and my warm blanket and good movies are sure to become my best friends very soon, right after I finish decorating and unpacking boxes!!  …SO, I will keep you posted on how the decorating is going with before and after shots.  We are leasing, so painting won’t be an option, but that doesn’t stop me from ~~{:}~~Decorating~~{:}~~ So, stayed tuned and give me a few days to unpack!!

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