Flower Making Tutorial-Part 2

Flower Making Tutorial Part 2
The Layered Fabric Flower

Good IdeasThese are some of my favorite to make.
They are so quick and simple, and don’t really take very much skill!!
Click “Read More” to see all the details…Good IdeasI start out with a 2-3″ wavy circle.
(I found this fabric in the discount bin…love it)
Basically, cut in a circle but just give it a little wavy here and there.Good IdeasI also de-fray my edges by burning them. 
Depending on the fabric, sometimes the edges just melt, like the black fabric behind the Zebra print,
and then other times, it just catches on fire and I blow it out…
this part is really fun!  In a pyro–kinda way!
I also like the look it gives the edges of the flower.Good IdeasAnother fuzzy picture, but the idea is to layer the fabrics.
If you notice, I just start with the biggest wavy circle,
and then cut smaller wavy circles as I go.
They are attached to one another with a small dot of hot glue between each layer.Good IdeasHere is the finished product with 3 small white beads in the center. 
My daughter wore this one today and is completely in-love with it!!
ANYWAYS, it’s super simple right??!!!!

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