Valentine’s Day IPOD

Good IdeasOver at Disney’s Family Fun they had this tutorial on the cutest ever Valentine’s handout. 
I think it is such good idea.  It is a box of conversation heart candy, covered in pink paper, with two peanut butter cups as ear plugs.  So Adorable.


  • Tape
  • 2 (14-inch) pieces of string
  • 2 mini peanut butter cups
  • 1 (1-ounce) box of conversation hearts
  • 2 (4-inch) circles of aluminum foil
  • 4- by 7-inch strip of pink paper
  • Glue stick
  • Sheet of white printer paper or printable scroll wheel and playlist.


  1. Rock Candy - Step 1
    Tape each end of a piece of string to a peanut butter cup. Tie on the other piece of string as shown, then tape the loose end to the candy box.

  2. Wrap each peanut butter cup in a circle of aluminum foil.

  3. Wrap the pink paper strip around the candy box and secure it with a glue stick.

  4. Cut paper shapes and write text for the scroll wheel and playlist, and use a glue stick to attach them to the box. Write a valentine message on the back of the box.

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