Citrus Decorations

So, I had this bowl of grapefruits and some of them were getting a bit hard on the outside, and so I decided to….cut them into slices instead of throwing them out.  There are so many cute citrus decorations, I knew I couldn’t go wrong!! Good Ideas I first cut them into slices on the cutting board, and then I placed them in the oven for about 2 hours.Good IdeasThen, I set out on a web-search, to find all the cute dehydrated-dried citrus decorations I could.
Here is what I came up with…Good IdeaFirst, I found this Heart Wreath with dried citrus.Good IdeasThen, there was this dried citrus, apple, corn, and cinnamon stick wreath.
I would probably use this one in the fall.Good IdeasThen there was this cute citrus swag.Good IdeasThis wreath was made out of dried citrus, leaves, and nuts…totally cute!Good IdeasI could make ornaments with them…a little early, I know.Good IdeasThis cute little strand of dried citrus could be put anywhere.
Use it just like a swag and put it on your oven door or over your decorative towels.Good IdeasThis wreath is cute, because it is a forward facing view of the citrus, instead of turning them on their side.
They even glammed it up a bit with some shimmery glitter!!Good IdeasThis one even has dried Limes in it, so darn cute!!Good IdeasThen there is this super fabulous wreath, with lemons, dried citrus slices,
bundled cinnamon sticks, dried desert blooms, and lots of greenery.
This one is so fluffy!!Good IdeasLook at what a great idea this is, and so summery feeling.
I am completely in love with the red and yellow combo.Good IdeasThis wreath is made out of whole dehydrated oranges and limes.Good IdeasThis is so adorable, and could be used during multiple seasons, or even as a semi-homemade gift!Good Ideasand lastly, I know this isn’t dried citrus slices, but I like the idea of the topiary,
and so I believe this one is either my winner, or a wreath…
( I will post a pic of my finished project!!)

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