Small Drop Off Gifts

Good Ideask…since I am living in dreary Utah right now (I hear it gets better when Summer hits) but for now I am super craving a little sunshine in my life.  I had someone drop off a basket of Sun items, and the card read
“here is a little sunshine to remind you of home.”
The basket was full of Sun Chips, Sunflower seeds, Capri Suns, and Sunny Delight.
So nice of that person.  I wish I would have taken a picture of it, but it was devoured too quickly for that.
ANYWAYS….Here are a few good ideas for drop off gifts, visiting teaching gifts, neighborly gifts, and “Just thinking about you” gifts.Good Ideas“I’m LUCKY to be Your………” um, I think this is obvious, but where the dots are, you put in the role you are being for that person.  It could be, “I’m LUCKY to be your teacher,” or “I’m LUCKY to have you as a friend.”Good Ideas“We love you to Pieces”Good IdeasThis is a bag of microwave popcorn tied to the soda pop.
“Pop Pop Fizz Fizz, I Know Who the Greatest ………. Izzzz!”
again, the ……..can be replaced with “teacher, neighbor, friend….”Good Ideas“Thanks for Poppin’ in today.”
“I just POPPED over to say Hi.”

Good IdeasI got this idea from my sis, but you fill a gift basket full of foot care items,
and then the attached card reads…
…”Mom, thanks for allowing me to walk in your footsteps.”
or, “Here’s the deal, You shoes are hard to fill”

Good Ideas “We’re NUTTY about you”
“You drive me NUTS-in a good way”Good Ideas“When you feel like a basket case, take a break, and slow your pace!”

Good Ideas “You Take the Cake,(name of friend) we think your Great!”Good Ideas“It Mint alot to me”Good Ideas“Even though you feel pooper, we think you’re SOUPER!”Good IdeasChips and homemade salsa…
…”We hope you have a hot and spicy day!”
“I think you are Hot and Spicy!”

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