Please Help Kaci Cox’s Family

Good IdeasThere are times in this life, when wonderful people leave this earth a little too early, and as much as we’d like to keep them here longer, it just doesn’t work out that way.  I came across this beautiful little family who has lost their mother and wife and can’t help but wonder what my own little family would do if they lost one of their parents, it absolutely breaks my heart to pieces.  I want to encourage you to help if it’s possible.  You can find their site ***HERE***

After an extremely courageous two year battle against small cell cancer, Kaci Morgan Cox passed away peacefully on March 7, 2011. She was 34 years of age. She is survived by her husband David, and their six children ranging in ages from 3 to 12 years old:
Kaci was truly one in a million, with an infectious laugh and heart of gold. The effect of her ever positive attitude and love for life reached far and wide. Her influence extends beyond her own family. Please read more about Kaci, her fight against cancer, and some of the people she has touched along the way.

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