Welcome Melissa Toppenberg

Good IdeasI’d like to introduce Melissa Toppenberg.  She is our newest supporter here at Good Ideas and Tips and we are so excited to have her and her health conscious ways.  Melissa is a native to California and a mother of 2 (whom she homeschools!!) So creating a healthy lifestyle benefits her entire family, and must taste delicious enough for kids to eat!!

Her site **MelissaToppenberg.com** is all about  guilt free recipes that people can use with any weight loss plan and for those who are just looking to cook healthier. Most of her recipes have tutorial videos where you can watch, start to finish, an entire healthy meal prepared. She also has an “Ask Melissa” section where we can submit a question about a recipe, and learn how to turn our favorite, not so healthy dish, into a healthier version, that taste DELICIOUS!

Melissa is also a physical fitness consultant who blogs about her own journey……”I put this site together hoping to help some people who have experienced the same trouble I had with maintaining a healthy weight and regaining my overall health.  I know people can draw off what I have personally gone through and what got me over and through a plateau.”  She has a  page dedicated to a progressive video log of her shedding 30 pounds. Readers can watch the good, bad and the ugly! (haha)  Also on that page, she logs her daily workouts and diet plan, no secrets!

On her site, you can subscribe for her free weekly newsletter that has a healthy recipes, as well as weight loss and workout tips.

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