Discount Food Storage

Good Ideasokay, Normally I focus on posting blogs that are all about good ideas and tips…however they are generally crafty.  Today, I just wanted to share something that I am excited about.  If you are not, that’s cool…it’s really just for those who might be.
I found a new site called “Free Food 2 Go” and it’s a place to get freeze dried food storage at a discount.  If you want, you could possibly qualify for Free Food Storage, but I probably won’t use it for that……

See here is the thing.  I have really struggled with getting my food storage and it’s mainly because as soon as we get something in the house, we find a use for it.  That’s why I like the idea of Freeze Dried because, I am not going to use it any time soon, and most of it has a shelf life of 20+-30 years.  Which, in my book, is incredible.  I don’t want to consistently worry about it, or if I have to work on it.  I’m the kinda girl, that likes to get it done, know it’s done, and then move on to the next task on my list.  The cool thing about this “Free Food 2 Go” is that I can get on “AUTO SHIP” if I want…you don’t have to, but they will ship you a certain amount of food (your choice of how much you want) every month and charge you a discounted price for it if you become a member for like $8.50.  Great deal huh!!
And it taste better and is less expensive then other popular freeze dried food.  So then, every month my food storage is building, I am paying discount prices, and pretty soon…..I will have it taken care of…Then, I just have to get my water storage!!

Anyways………..if you are interested you can check them out   ****HERE***** and do me a favor, if you decide to sign up and start your food storage with “Free Food 2 Go“,  my ID # is 4814, this will let them track it back to me!

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