Mission Trunk

This is one of my favorite ideas that has come out of my head.

When I was a young girl, age 12, I was given a cedar chest.  It was referred to as a “Hope Chest.”
In that Hope Chest, I collected and kept all the things I would one day use when I grew up!!
Mine was an antique ceder chest that my mother worked tireless hours on refinishing, and it smelled so delicious, and had such amazing detail, common for antiques.  I loved it so much and I kept everything I could think of in there.
I purchased a set of dishes, and it was kept in there, so were curtains, and pillows, and anything I could think of that would assist me in my future life.  Needless to say, as an adult, my styles changed a bit, but today, I keep many of my special items in it.  Like my baby books for my three girls, and love notes from my husband.  Things I want to keep safe and cherish.

I have a nephew who was about to turn 12, and I thought about what my gift was as a 12 year old, and I wanted the same thing for my nephew.  However, he plans on serving a mission one day for our church, and I thought it would be such a neat idea to make him something for that.  So I took an old trunk like this one….Good Ideas…and I transformed it with Mod Podge and Traveling Scrapbook Paper into this…Good IdeasA Mission Trunk.
(apologies about the picture quality, it was done with my phone)
A mission trunk is perfect for a 12 year old boy or girl who plans on serving one day.
So the idea is to start putting things in it that will help during their mission.
These can be gifts from others, or even things purchased by themselves,
and they include:
Mission journal
Mission planner
Photo albums
Stationary Items
Monogrammed towel and wash clothes
A nice blanket
Hy-gene Kit
Sewing Kit
and the list goes on.

Then, when your missionary returns home, he or she, can put all of their mission memorabilia inside the trunk.
Keeping it all safe and cherished!
I know, this is a Great Idea huh?!!!


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