Korker Corker Bows -

Korker Corker Bows

Good IdeasKorker Bows are some of my very favorite types of bows and they are great for all ages of girls.
Teen age cheerleaders can wear them as school colors, all the way down to toddlers matching their outfits.
Over at **HECK FRIDAYS** they have a great tutorial on how to make your very own Korker Bows!
Check it out ***HERE***Good IdeasThey use dowels to wrap the ribbon around, and in the past, I used what I had around the house, which was pencils.  I also like the idea of using a bobby pin to hold the ribbon to the dowel, used a tiny tab of hot glue at the end of my ribbon to hold it to the pencil.   Either way, it works and they are adorable!!!

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