38 Fun Things to do, According to a Teacher!

This is a fun list of 38 fun things to do with the kiddos.Good Ideas1. Write the alphabet.
2. Spell Five Words
3.  Read a library book silently
4.  Read A Comic Magazine
5.  Read the comics
6.  Write a story
7.Count by 2’s, 5’s 10’s or even 1oo
8.  Write to 100 by 1’s
9.  Write to 100 by 2’s
10. Practice Telling Time to the Hour and half hour!
11.  Practice Counting Money
12. Do 5 Addition Problems
13.  Do 5 Subtraction Problems
14.  Listen to a Story Together
15.  Do a puzzle
16.  Play the Alphabet Gssssssssssssssssssssame
17. Ride Bicycles
18. Roller Blade
19.  Jump Rope
20.  Bounce A Ball
21.  Play in the  Sand
22.  Make Mud Pies
23.  Blow Soap Bubbles
24. Play with Toys Together
25. Go Swimming
26.  Go Fishing, Catch Some Fish
27. Look at New Flowers and Birds
28. Make Cookies
29.  Roast Hotdogs and Marshmallows
30.  Hop, Jump, Run, and Play
31.  Run Through the Sprinkler
32.  Wade on a Splash Pad or in a Puddle
33. Make Flower Chains3
34.  Watch a Parade
35.  Cut and Glue Pictures
36.  Play at the Park
37.  Watch or Play a Ball Game
38.  Build Something with a Hammer

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