Hermione Granger Costume

Well, I know Halloween may seem far away, but it’s just around the corner!
My girls have been planning their costumes since the day after Halloween last year!!
And my middle daughter wants to be Hermione Granger.
So we whipped up an easy, and simple to sew Hermione Granger costume!

This is what Hermione looks like in the early Harry Potter movies…Good Ideas…and this is what we attempted to recreate on our own.Good IdeasShe is going to have the white collared shirt, but the robe is what we are focusing on here.Good IdeasI wish I would have taken more detail photos, but I didn’t, so I will have a lot of explaining to do!!
I had quite a bit of dark gray fabric and figured it was close enough in color.
I measured from the top of her spine to her ankle.
I doubled that for a front and back piece.
So basically, it was like a huge long piece of fabric folded in half length wise.
I then cut a small V out of the fold, right in the center.
I turned the fabric inside out, so the inside is what is showing.
I put her head in the “V” and the fold just laid over her shoulders.
Then, with chalk, I drew a line where I wanted her sleeves and body to fit.
The reason for this, is the fabric is so wide and it would look like she was drowning in her robe.

I then just sewed a straight seam right where the chalk was drawn.
That connected the front to the back, and then I turned it right-side out and tried it on.
When I saw that it would fit, I turned it back, inside-out, and cut the excess fabric off.Good IdeasThis is the cutting of the extra fabric off…..great pic, I know!!Good IdeasHermione’s tie has red and orange stripes,
so we went to the Thrift Store and bought a $0.10 (10 cent) tie.
It was a burgundy and white striped tie,
so we just used our marker and changed the white stripes to orange.
Next up, was the wizard wand….Good IdeasIt doesn’t look like much, but it completes the costume.
If you have noticed on the movie, no one really has a straight wand.
Most of the wizard wands are curvy with unique character.
You could buy an expensive wand, but we just spray painted a stick from outside and it worked great!Good IdeasAnyways, it was super simple and super in-expensive…perfect!

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