Free Christmas Card Templates

Most of you have probably already mailed out your Christmas cards
to your friends and loved ones,
but if you have any procrastinator in you, then this post is for you!!
I found these super great and FREE Christmas Card Templates on
These girlies have 5 digital card templates to share with you.
And since we are so late in the game,
you could use them to just email to your family and friends,
send a digital card, or add a card to facebook or your blog!
How great are these ladies??!!!!
They even have a tutorial on how to use a template in Photoshop!

And so…I used their “Simple and Cute” Template that looks like this…Good Ideas

and I switched a few things up,
but same template was used to come up with this…Good IdeasSuper cool huh!!
Anyways, if you are looking for a free Christmas Card Template,
The Crafting Chicks has a few to choose from!!

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