Happier Children

As many of you, my fabulous readers, know…I am a mother of 3 great girls,
and about 8 weeks away from having our fourth child…a son!  Yeah!!
Our oldest is 10, our middle is 7, and our youngest is 3 years old.
I have done my very best at being a mom,
and teaching my girls everything I possibly can.
However, I still fall short and make mistakes.
I wish I could say, “I am the perfect parent!”
But, I am not, and just as my girls are growing, so am I as a mother.
I get frustrated and occasionally have “ONE OF THOSE DAYS” just like anyone else.
And I also have those days when I feel like,

I found this super great blog series on raising happier children.

PhotobucketLaura from “House Wife In Town”
has shared
31 Days to Happier Children
and I am so grateful I found it! I also wanted to share it with you.
I have read and even taken notes on the complete series.
Yes, many of the concepts are little reminders for me,
but there is so much more to implement with my little group here at home.Good IdeasI want my girlies to be happy,
to have inner happiness,
and to share happiness with others.
I have studied personal development for years,
and I know that true happiness is a choice.
Laura says,
“Happiness is a choice driven by our good habits and decisions.”
…and I couldn’t agree more!
Take some time to read her series, you will be so glad you did!

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