Go Green with Carpet Cleaning

Even though we are a relatively healthy family (knock on wood), I enjoy finding ways to clean my house in a more natural way. Sometimes heavy chemicals aren’t always the answer and can cause a variety of problems, especially for the younger kiddos.

One problem area in my home is the carpet. With four kids running in and out all day long, traveling by cart wheel across the living room and eating everywhere else but in the kitchen, it takes a pretty big beating. Hence, I’ve been thinking of some eco-friendly ways to go about carpet cleaning. I’m also considering finding a carpet cleaner that uses eco-friendly cleaning products.

Green Carpet CleaningNow, we’ve all had that one pro who can come to your house, they spend a few hours cleaning your carpets and they’ll leave. And when you go in to check on your carpet, it’s just a lighter shade of dirty, and this is why you should always get a reputable carpet cleaner. And most of your local mom and pop carpet cleaning companies still use the chemical based cleaners which can cause itchy skin, and in a study, can also cause cancer. But then again, what doesn’t cause cancer, right?

Anyway, here are some solutions:

  • You can always be a carpet cleaner yourself. Sometimes this is a good option. It takes a lot of work on your part, but you can spend more time on the “spots” that require the most attention. But be careful. If you let your family members in the area know that you did a good job cleaning your own carpets, you might as well walk around with a big sign on your back saying “Expert Green Choice rug cleaning New York” or “Ask me to clean yours too!”
  • Melaleuca is a company that produces “Green” or child friendly cleaning supplies. If you’re going to do it yourself, I’d check out what they have to offer before buying from a regular grocery store. I believe you have to contact a rep in order to buy their products though. It’s a network marketing company.
  • Third, you can hire a carpet cleaning professional such as Chemdry or Green Choice. Companies such as these use “green” or environmentally safe cleaning supplies, yet, they seem to get better results.
  • And lastly, as a home-made remedy, baking soda, club soda, ammonia, vinegar and dish detergent are all great cleaning agents. When dealing with areas with odor, but out the baking soda.

Personally, I’ll cast my vote for option number three. I love to work and all, but it just seems easier, and with four kids, easier is always better.

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