Auto Insurance Tips

Auto Insurance TipsOver the years, we’ve had the privilege of receiving car insurance from several different companies. Each company has it’s advantages and disadvantages, but overall, most were extremely easy to work with, they’re customer service departments were amazing, the pricing seemed fair and the benefits were pretty standard.

While the battle to “save money on car insurance”  continues, the savings per year really aren’t that significant. Given, that I don’t know everyone’s budget, maybe saving $150/year is a budget maker or breaker for some people. But if saving money isn’t the deal breaker for you, here are a few more useful tips when considering who you choose for your auto insurance.

Choosing Auto Insurance Tips

  1. Glass Coverage. Check with your insurance company or check their homepage for their glass coverage policy. Certain states, such as the beautiful state of Arizona, offer full glass coverage. So if you have a cracked windshield and have full auto glass repair coverage, the out of pocket expense to you is zero, plus,  many glass companies will pay you money, give you gift certificates or gift cards, just to install your windshield. So on top of saving the $150 to $300 that it would cost to get a windshield installed, you get a bonus from the company of your choice! NOTE: Full glass coverage is usually optional and not a standard feature. Make sure to call your insurance company to verify coverage.
  2. Home and Auto Insurance. If you own a home or are paying renters insurance, you can receive discounts on both auto and home insurance by combining those policies. Many people still pay their home owners insurance through one company and their auto insurance through another like Charles Goodman & Co Insurance. Putting them under one roof can save you money and still offer great value.
  3. Multiple Car Discount. This one is more commonly known, but most insurance companies offer discounts for insuring more than one vehicle with them. So if you are paying for your college students insurance, combine it with yours for a cheaper rate. If you want compensation for collisions (including mailbox collision), you’ll have to add it later on the policy as explained by the Ieuter Insurance Group, view the article here.
  4. State to State Cost Differences. This one sort of threw me for a loop. We moved to Utah a few years ago and started looking at ways to save some change. So we looked into saving money with our car insurance. The insurance company we were with was more expensive in Utah than a competitor, but cheaper than that competitor in Arizona. So if you are moving in between states, be sure to get new quotes. You can get online car insurance quotes here, if you wish.

For those of you who are seasoned veterans in auto insurance, these tips are more like common sense to you. However, if you aren’t, I hope this helps you.

Do you have anything else you’d like to add to this list? Leave a comment below!

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