Inspired Living Mobile Application and Opportunity

Occasionally I find opportunities that are almost completely hands off, fun to work and can be extremely profitable over time.  However, you’ll have to act fast on this one if you want a piece of the pie. The product is a mobile application which delivers high quality Personal Development videos and content on a weekly basis. It’s the first of it’s kind and is called iLA, or the Inspired Living Application.

For those of you who know compensation plans, it’s a forced 3×7 matrix. Basically all that means is that in order for the business to keep growing at the rate it should, every person should refer just three people. That’s it! But the cool thing is…you can still make money without recruiting, or referring a single soul.

However, if you’re a power house and would like to maximize your profits by referring people to the mobile app, you’ll be handsomely rewarded for doing so. Here’s how…

Number of people you refer to the iLA app:

  • 3 – You will make a 10% bonus on whatever those three people make. If they are making $1,000/mo then you will get a monthly bonus of $300.
  • 6 – You will make a 20% bonus on what those six people make. In the same situation, if each of those six are making $1,000/mo, your monthly bonus would be $1200.
  • 10 more – Your bonus will be 40% on everyone you personally referred. So if ten people are making $1000/mo, you’d be making a monthly bonus of $4000.

In this pay plan, once your matrix is completely full, three levels across and seven levels deep, without recruiting a soul, your income will be around $2,500. However, as you can see above, you’ll make A LOT more money by referring others to the program.

The Cost of the Inspired Living Application

The best part about this entire thing, besides the high quality content you’ll be receiving on a weekly basis, is the price point. It’s just $9.95 per month. However, when your second level is completely filled, your application is free! Not a difficult thing to do at all.

At the time of this article, iLA has over 20,000 members and will begin pre-launch on February 1st. So when I say that you must ACT FAST if you would like to profit on this one, I meant it. It has been estimated that the iLA app will have approximately 20 million members in the near future.

Those at the top of the matrix will benefit hugely. So get in NOW and secure your spot in this exploding opportunity. By clicking the button below, you’ll be redirected to their official website. Click “Join Now” in the top right corner and get started today.

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