Spontaneous Relocating – Just pack up and move!

Have you ever just wanted to pack up and move to your dream location, spontaneously? But for some reason or another, you just can’t muster up the guts to do it? Check out NZVanLines.co.nz, as it might convince you that moving can be easier than you expect.

We sure have! And the older your kids get, the harder it will be to uproot and make the drastic move. You have to think about the effect it will have on your children and family life as a whole. You start to feel bad about leaving extended family members and all the friends you have….and sometimes those things can discourage you moving to far off the beaten path.

When I was younger, I wanted nothing more than to be considered spontaneous and fun. Ms. Unpredictable….that was me! As time went on, the more predictable I became. So one day, if you don’t see me around town anymore, I’ll be living it up in my dream location because someone called me “predictable.” And most likely, that someone ,will be my husband!

So if that does happen, here are a few places you can expect to find me.

Amy’s Spontaneous Relocating Locations

The Big Island of HawaiiFirst on the map is Hawaii! Our family has been to the Big Island of Hawaii many times, and every time we go, we have absolutely enjoyed ourselves. You can continue browsing about the place and find some brilliant things to do on your vacation. The slow paced lifestyle, the abundant waterfalls and the crystal clear water…who wouldn’t love that! I could definitely get used to eating spam more frequently if it meant that I could live there permanently! We could set ourselves up a shack next to the beach and rent out surf boards, boats, canoes or those little paddle boats, and live life one day at a time!

BelizeSecond on the list is Belize! When my husband was last seen working a J.O.B., in which he could not stand, we did some serious research on Belize and what it would take to live there. It sounded extremely enticing, with the low cost of living, no taxes and beautiful weather year round. We started making phone calls and inquiries, but didn’t actually carry through with it. So if you have more spontaneous-ness than I do, you should definitely check out this location.

New ZealandThird is Australia or New Zealand! Every time I watch ‘The Hobbit’ or ‘Lord of the Rings,’ it makes me want to head off to New Zealand. I actually have a cousin living in the NZ right now, and am so envious knowing that I am surrounded by desert while she is living it up in this green plush area! And as far as Australia goes, my husband and I visited Sydney a few years ago, toured the Blue Mountains and even watched an opera in the Sydney Opera house. And yes, my husband did fall asleep, in all places, the Sydney Opera house. Satterley offers land for sale on the west coast of Australia, which looks absolutely amazing.

OregonThird on the list would be Oregon or Washington State. I’ve always had a thing for beaches and pine trees and each of those states has both. Northern California wouldn’t be too shabby of a place to relocate to either with all the redwood trees and rocky beaches. Plus, I’d feel a little closer to one of my favorite movies ever, Twilight!

So there you have it! Now, if I spontaneously disappear, you know where to find me! And if one of these locations is one of yours as well, maybe we’ll run into each other!

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