Two Things You Need to Know About Insurance

Insurance PolicyDon’t worry. This isn’t going to be one of those posts where I try to convince you to switch insurance companies. Heck, I’m not even going to tell you how you can save money, well, at least not in the way you think I am. Some aspects of insurance policies are cut and dry, common sense stuff. However, making a few tweaks here or there can make things easier on you and your bank account in the future.

Two Things you need to know about insurance

  1. Glass coverage. There are only a few states in the US where insurance companies can offer this option, Arizona being one of them. For a few extra bucks a month, you can opt into full glass coverage. So in a nutshell, if you get a rock chip that just annoys the heck out of you, call your insurance company and get it replaced at no cost to you.What? Your son just threw a rock through your trucks back window? You can say, “Nice throw! No worries son. It won’t cost me anything!”

    Without full glass coverage, you’re stuck paying a hefty deductible or full cash price for glass replacement. In my book, a few bucks a month is always better than a surprise few hundred.

    Here’s a list of states with their glass coverage laws. Only a handful offer full glass coverage with no deductible.

  2. Beware of automatic payments. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck and things are tight, a $34 insufficient funds fee from the bank is never a good thing. So if you are with an insurance agency in Columbus OH and they offer the option, setting up automatic payments is a good thing, but use a debit/credit card instead of your bank information. If you don’t have enough in your account, a direct withdrawal will always result in a bank fee, whereas a debit/credit card attempt won’t.

Again, not rocket science, but definitely worthy of paying some attention to.

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