5 Ways to Build Your Child’s Musical Talent

musical talentDo you have one of those kids that can memorize almost every word on a song they’ve heard only once or twice before? Maybe your child is the one who gravitates towards the piano at church and makes up his or her own songs in their spare time. Maybe all that singing in front of the mirror or while in the shower isn’t just a past time activity. Not only is your child expressing an interest in music, most likely, they’ve got talent as well which is why we recommend the best violin for beginners.

As parents of four children, a major focus of ours is to not only to discover our children’s talents, but to help improve and build on those talents. And sometimes you’ll run into someone who has talent, yet, expresses no interest in improving that talent, which absolutely kills me to see. And the VERY best time to build a talent is in your youth. Learn how companies like intrasonics can help you deal with audio piracy.

So here are 5 simple ways to help build your child’s musical talent.

  1. Start when they’re young. I’ve seen other families with children in piano lessons as early as age 6, and I’m sure there are those who have started much younger outside my circle of friends. In my opinion, if they’re expressing an interest, and have the not only the mental, but also the physical ability to build that interest, go for it! Our girls have been playing piano for several years now and have formed healthy habits of practicing which will be part of their lives hopefully for their entire lives.
  2. Make it EXTREMELY accessible. When I was young, my mom made me take piano lessons from an older lady up the street. However, we didn’t have a piano in our home. So I wasn’t able to practice. The only time I could was when I’d go to piano lessons or while at church functions. So whatever instrument your child either shows talent in or takes an interest in, have it in your home. If budget isn’t an issue, head on down to the Hollywood Piano Store or the nearest in your area, and choose from the best, if pianos are what you’re after. If your budget is limited, a great place to look is Craigslist or your local yard sale groups on Facebook. You may also invest in high-quality speakers and a sound system.
  3. Sign them up for Lessons. Now, let me tell you, not all teachers are created equal. You already know this from your schooling days. There’s always one or two teachers which stand out above the rest. The same applies to those who offer lessons. Make sure you not only do your research by asking around and personally attending a lesson from your child’s potential instructor, but make sure that your child might actually enjoy being in their presence. Sending a 12 year old boy to a home that smells like old people and has the feeling of a funeral home isn’t the best decision. No matter how much talent your child has, they will resist. Not because they don’t like playing the piano, but because of where they have to go and who they have to spend that hour with every week. Believe me, I was that little boy many, many moons ago. Lessons, for the most part, are fairly inexpensive. They can range from $30 to $60 per month for a great instructor.
  4. Download Tablature for them. Sometimes all your child might want to do is play the songs they’re hearing on the radio or on their MP3 device. It’s one thing to be able to play Yankee Doodle, but it’s a whole other world to be able to play a popular song like “Let it go and Disney’s Frozen!” Can you tell I have a bunch of daughters?A great place to download free guitar and ukelele tablature is from Ultimate-Guitar.com.
  5. Compliment and Encourage them. This may or may not be the most difficult step in helping your child build musical talent, because when they’re singing at the top of their lungs in the back seat of your truck, or purposely trying to sing like Christina Aguelera, it takes someone highly skilled in the virtue of temperance and tact to create silence without destroying their confidence. But seriously, compliment your child more than often. Let them know that you support them and honestly enjoy their talent, and if necessary, give pointers. Read this article on How To Become a Musician: The Important Tips You Should Know and surely you’ll learn something that you may be able to share with them. It shows that you’re not only pleased, but interested in helping.

In Conclusion, now that I’m an adult, there are those things I wish I had more time for. I wish I had a few hours a day to sit and practice guitar, if you do not have one yet, learn more about yamaha FG8 to make an smart purchase. Before I got involved in sports, I had all the time in the world to develop my musical talents to a point that created an interest and a hunger to take it further on my own.

So my advice is not to delay in helping your child build their musical talents. If your children are between the ages of 6 and 12, don’t squander the opportunity. Now is the time.

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