Keep Your Tools Handy, Man, With a Tool Bag

tool bagsIt’s hard to be a handyman if your tools aren’t handy, you know what I mean? There’s nothing that frustrates me more than knowing I have the right tool for the job, but when I need it, it seems to have grown legs and walked off on it’s own!  Now, a job that would have taken no time at all to complete, is now taking way too long.

Solution 1: Put your tools under lock and key. Deny access to anyone without the ability to return your tools to their predefined spots.

Solution 2: Find the perfect storage unit for them so you always know where they are and whether a tool is missing. If you have a storage unit with pockets, loops or compartments for each tool, an empty space means a missing tool.

Many Sizes and Shapes

Whatever your tool inventory or specialty area you can find the best tool bags to take your tools to any job. Yes, even if you’re just a crafty Mom. You can find styles in wide-mouth tool storage bags, bucket totes, rolling bags and trunk organizers for tools that are handy for any unexpected occurrence or emergency. Car “tools” include more than wrenches and tire gauges. Maps, car registration and insurance verification papers can become cluttered in your glove box or console storage unit. When looking for a storage bag for your heftier tools, check out an organizer for your important documents. They’ll be in one place and at your disposal whenever you need them in a hurry.

Unique Features

Portable storage units have wheels for convenient hauling which can save your back…tools can be heavy! A nice perk to some tool bags is their ability to open into a seat. There’s nothing like a comfortable seat when the alternative is squatting!

Your cell phone may be one of your most important tools. Without immediate contact an electrician could lose a potential job or a mechanic could get bypassed for that quick dead battery replacement. Retailers, such as ToolsmithDirect recognize the unique circumstances of those who work with tools. Quality cell phone cases that clip directly to your regular belt, tool belt or clothes ensure that your most essential tool is quickly accessible.

So, if one of your goals is to be more efficient in your projects, organization is key.

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