Pest Control – A Simple Solution for Killing Ants

20 Mule Team BoraxThere are certain things about myself, or my home, I really don’t enjoy making public knowledge of….such as my struggle with ear hair or my daughters boy drama. I also don’t care to let others know of my pest infestations throughout the year. Certain things just don’t need to be shared outside the walls of my home, get more tips at this pest removal company website.

With that said, I do have a small ant control issue throughout my property and if I can’t get on top of this, they’ll start making their way into my home and onto my kitchen counter.

I call these ants “piss ants,” and am not sure that’s even the right name for them. They’re the tiny little red ants that pack a punch when they bite. Back east everyone called them fire ants.

But that’s all besides the point. I just needed¬† to know how to get rid of them using eco-friendly methods. The last thing I need is to find my dog dead because she decided she’d like to lick up a bunch of ant poison I spread throughout the yard. Maybe, it’s time for me to consider hiring a residential pest control and animal removal service from the best pest control companies. Bed bug control is also one of the many services these companies may offer besides your ant problems.

We’ve heard of all the temporary solutions to getting rid of ants in or around the house, such as vinegar, cinnamon, pepper, etc, etc. Most of these methods only kill the ants you can see, and not the colony. It’s like treating the symptoms of an illness, and not the root cause and eventually, it’ll come back.

So here’s a solution I discovered the other day, which has worked so far after hiring an ant exterminator.


I know. It’s a cleaner…but it has worked so far. Naturally, the ants won’t like the smell of borax, so what you do is mix borax with powdered sugar and sprinkle it in the paths the ants take. They’ll walk in and around it and will bring that back to their colony. Mere exposure to borax will kill ants, especially the little buggers described by guys at BBEC – – Bed Bug Exterminator Chicago.

So, give it a try and let me know how it goes! You can also consider using Sustainable Pest Systems termite control which is eco sensitive, family friendly, and a green pest control.

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