3 Fun Ways to Save Electricity at Home!

Save on Electric Bill in the WinterElectric bills are no laughing joke when it comes down to the bone-chilling wintertime, and everyone could use that few extra dollars from cutting their electricity or gas usage during this cold time of the year.

In southern Arizona, you might say that I have no room to talk! I mean, it’s supposed to be 71 degrees today. However, common utility providers in the northern states where things do get chilly, such as Columbia Utilities, witness the public cranking up their heat in an effort to combat the arctic temperatures.

So, just how can the electric bill be cut, in a fun way? Well, keep on readin and visit https://home-proelectric.com/cambridge-outlet-repairs/ to find out.

3 Fun Ways to Save Electricity at Home

Board Games

While the 21st century generation might consider it crazy in this technology driven world, board games are still crazy fun! Turn off all of the television sets, gaming consoles, and computers; unplug phones, tablets, and portable handheld games. Instead, whip out a traditional board game such as Monopoly. Not only will a long lasting game like this spare your electric bill for two hours, but it will help the family to bond with a wonderful family game night.

Scary Story Time

Turn the heat down low (or cut it off if you’re feeling brave), and gather everyone on a bed under a handy dandy blanket fort. Bring out the flashlights, and exchange some scary stories! Not only is this a classic part of any kid’s childhood, but it takes a load off of the central heating system. If they are strained too much during the cold blasts, the system is at risk of going out.

Alluring Books and Crackling Candle Light

Many people love to curl up with their favorite new book, take an imaginary adventure full of curious twists and turns, and then drift off into a sweet slumber. Either way you put it, lighting a few wooden wick candles and flipping through the pages of that new novel sounds like a relaxing night in. This way, all off the lights are off. Plus, you could even curl up with an electric blanket; saving 3-7 degrees on your thermostat for the evening!

Creativity Meets Energy Conservation

This sample list goes to show you that there is no limit to the creative ways that one can use to save energy while also having fun. Energy conservation can help our nation to “unplug” from this fast paced digital age, putting life on an enjoyable cruise control that focuses on spending time with loved ones.

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