Should You Convert Your Gas Engines to Propane?

Propane Powered GeneratorHave you ever wondered why we all use either natural gas or propane instead of gasoline to heat our homes, cook our food and heat our water? Probably not right? Most likely because it’s just one of those things most people never really think about, simply because we don’t need to. It’s just the way things are done, right?


The pros and cons of converting to propane

There’s a reason we use propane and natural gas for our energy needs over traditional gasoline. I mean, you have to wonder why the government was offering tax rebates to people for converting their gasoline engines into propane driven engines.

First, a basic propane tank, which you can get from propane dealers that offer propane gas delivery service, can hold up to four times more fuel than a regular ole gas can. Which is stating the obvious, more use time for whatever it is you’re powering. My grill, which I use all the time, seems to last an entire year before needing to refill the tank. So image the distance you could travel with four times the amount of fuel on board.

Second, natural gas and propane is more eco-friendly to burn, and depending on which fuel you’re using, it can save you money. Regional Energy has the best natural gas prices in Alberta due to their low margins, visit Regional Energy today.

Let’s talk money. With the prices of fuel changing on a regular and unpredictable basis, saving a few bucks is all about doing the math.

Gasoline is the obvious choice when you’re looking for power. It burns more efficiently than both natural gas and propane, however, it’s price isn’t always as favorable. Between gas, propane and natural gas, natural gas is usually the lower priced fuel, but it’s not always the easiest fuel to get your hands on. And regardless of the price differences between gas and propane, you can’t ignore the one fact that you can store four times more propane than gasoline in the same sized tank. Imagine having a cabin in the woods and having to store four times more gasoline than you do propane.

The tank would be huge! So propane is more practical.

So, with capacity in mind, you have to think about whether or not it would make sense to convert your gas powered possessions to propane. Think about having your next camping trip with your Honda LP generator instead of a regular gas powered generator, simply for the convenience of not having to worry about filling the tank as often.

And I know you’re probably thinking, “Well crap….I just bought a gas powered generator.” No worries, you can buy a conversion kit which easily installs and allows your generator to run on gasoline still as well.

So you tell me, which do you prefer? Gas or propane? If you choose to have propane, remember there is always a propane tank delivery near you.

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