Burn that Baby Fat Naturally! #PostNatalFatBurner

So I am about 6 weeks away from having our 5th baby. As excited as I am to hold our precious baby, I can’t help but think of the work I have ahead of me as far as weight loss goes. I am 5’9″ and prior to pregnancy, I weighed between 145 and 150. For me, that is a great weight.  I fit into my favorite clothes, I feel pretty and healthy and just all around great. Now as many moms know, our weight can fluctuate a few times in our motherhood years.  Not everyone experiences the same thing, but I definitely fluctuate….majorly! If you want other ways to lose weight then you should definitely consider checking out coolsculpting.

Here is how it goes down for me…

  1. I start out in great shape, feeling good about myself
  2. I get pregnant and I start gaining weight rapidly(at first it’s mostly in my bootie and legs)
  3. Before I know it, I’ve added 20+ pounds
  4. I add some more pounds….20 in fact
  5. And just before child birth I feel like a fatty and am 50 pounds heavier than I was at pre-pregnancy weight.
  6. I deliver our sweet little baby, lose 25 pounds that day (between baby and water)
  7. I come home and realize I have gained a ton of weight in *other* secret areas of my body. “Oh great….” I was so focused on my cute belly growing that I didn’t notice the *other secret parts, aka…my bootie, growing too!
  8. I start freaking out about how I am going to lose it all.

fatsoHere I am in our family picture and our baby boy was 5 months old. I felt like a fatty and seriously did not like how I looked. I decided to take immediate action, but I kept in mind that I didn’t want my milk production to suffer or the nutrients that our baby was getting.

So I started my plan…

  • I found a “7-day cleanse” on Pinterest and I did that 3 times in a row, so a total of 21 days,  and when this was finished I had lost about 10 pounds at the end of the three weeks.
  • Then, I stopped drinking sodas completely and started drinking water only….absolutely ONLY. And lots of it. I also cut my sugar down a lot. This was super hard for me, because I don’t just have a sweet tooth, I have a whole mouth full of sweet teeth!
  • I cut my portions in half, exactly in half. The first two weeks of this I felt like I was starving, but I was tired of looking the way I did. So I only ate half of everything I used to. Example: So for taco night, I was up to (embarrassing to share this with you) but three tacos, now I have one and a half.
  • Also, I started following the “eat for your blood type” plan, which you can get as an app on your phone, or there is a book, or info on the web. I’m not super perfect at this, but I think this helped a lot.
  • Also, I started exercising a lot more. But not until I felt completely healed from delivery.  I used to be pretty hit and miss. I completed the P90X program and then continued an exercise program that worked best for me.

Amy and KylaI know it sounds like a lot, but as I mentioned before…I was unhappy with my body, so I was really ready to fix it; someone even told me to research peptides which I did.  After a year of working hard, I felt great and I was at my pre-pregnancy weight.

So here I go again, about to have another baby and I am really not looking forward to all the hard work ahead of me.  Call it “laziness”, call it “lack of will-power”, call it “being tired,” and truly I think it’s a combination of all those things.

BUT…   I found something that will make this process a little easier and I am so excited to try it out!!! Safely increase your metabolism, burn fat, and even increase milk production.

FitTea PostNatal Baby Fat BurnerI was researching herbal supplements to assist in getting rid of my stubborn baby fat, and I was so excited when I found FitTea’s PostNatal Fatburner because it uses 100% natural ingredients,
and it helps produce more lactation. (that is always something I think about when losing weight while breastfeeding) Their web-site says, “This is one supplement that’s good for you and your baby at the same time!”
Anyways, I am so glad to find something that will help me get on track a little faster this time!  I am definitely going to get some FitTea and use it!   If you desire to join me,  click the link below!!

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