Say Goodbye to Cheap Fake Christmas Trees!

california baby redwoodChristmas is NOT just right around the corner, with it being the end of May and all…but Christmas in July is!

So…let’s talk Christmas trees for a bit.

I own a fake one, and it’s not really even that great of a fake one. In fact, I own two fake trees. Depending on how optimistic we are during Christmas time, we usually put one upstairs and one downstairs. From afar, you might be able to tell they’re fake. Up close, you can definitely tell they’re fake…but they get the job done, if you know what I mean. To learn more about Chistmas holiday traditions

I’d like to be the guy who, out of tradition, takes my family up to the mountains every year for the perfect little Christmas tree…but as of today, I’m not that guy. Our family tradition involves assembly, then decoration. Much quicker that way.

But I’ll be honest with you. I haven’t always been that amazed by our Christmas tree.

STOP. Let me rephrase that.

most realistic artificial christmas treeI’ve always been amazed at our Christmas tree decorations and decorators, but not the quality of the tree behind the decorations. (You’re welcome Amy!) I’ve always wanted to buy a really nice tree, something that looks like an actual Douglas Fur. I want actual needles, not the shredded paper look.

Come to find out, an artificial tree of that degree of craftsmanship does exist, but you’ll most likely have to look somewhere other than Walmart. And if you’re looking to purchase a Christmas tree for Christmas in July, just guessing here, but most stores probably won’t be carrying trees.

So in a quick search, I came across Balsam Hill reviews, which then led me to the main Balsam Hills website which has some pretty amazing trees. My favorite so far….the California Baby Redwood. Perfectly symmetrical, and in the “most realistic” section, which gives me the real pine needle look that I’ve been craving.

So here’s my good idea of the day, buy Christmas trees in May…they’re probably cheaper!

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