10 Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value

increase your home's valueWhen you purchase a home, it’s natural to make changes that you, your family, and your friends can enjoy. However, it’s also important to make sure that, when you sell your home later down the line, you make your investment back. It’s even better if you can make an additional profit.

10 tips for increasing your home’s value

Create a Finished Basement Space
Many homes have damp, dark basements that aren’t used for much, except maybe storing a few musty boxes. If your home is like that, one of the easiest ways to increase its value is to finish the basement. You can then use that space as a recreation area, or even convert it into its own apartment. Keep in mind that a basement apartment will need to have at least two exits in case of fire, windows, and meet all building codes in your area. Make sure to consult with a contractor like Hustad Companies before diving right into construction.

Turn the Attic Into a Haven
As with the basement, your attic might not be getting the best use that it could. An attic can easily be converted into a more usable space, such as a bedroom. A few windows, the proper flooring, and some fun accessories could be just the thing to take the space from storage to a sweet suite.

Consider Creating a Garage Apartment or Rec Room
Another place where you can create additional square footage is over your garage. Adding a rec room or small apartment overhead can maximize the use of the space. You’ll have more room for visiting house guests, and if it ever goes on the market your home will have more appeal to buyers as well.

Add a Back Yard Deck
You can generally count on spending about $1,000 to add a back yard deck to your home, depending on how much of the work you want to do yourself. Although it probably won’t add more than that much resale value to your home, it’s still a great thing to do for your own family. It can also help to intrigue potential buyers, who will be drawn in by the deck and potentially pay more for other upgrades that they see.

Completely Remodel Your Bathroom
If you have the money to invest, or wish to try Investors Choice Lending to get a remodelling loan, remodeling your master bathroom can certainly increase your home’s value. However, it’s best to do it without adding an actual addition on your home. Instead, you may be able to expand by removing a closet or wall to open up the area. Even if you have to work within your present space, you can make the room seem bigger and brighter by adding a coat of fresh paint or possibly installing a skylight.

Give Your Bathroom a Mini Makeover
Even if you don’t have the money for a major bathroom renovation, minor changes can still make all the difference. Your bathroom could benefit from something as simple as a new light fixture or sink faucet. Add a new throw rug or some different towels to give the room a splash of color.

Paint Your Rooms with Care
Speaking of a splash of color, adding a wall décor to your home or painting the various rooms in your home is another cost-effective way to spruce up every room and give it a new look. But there are some things to remember. First, try to pick colors that would appeal to a wide audience if you ever sell your home. Second, make sure that you tape off each room carefully before painting. If you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself, hiring a professional is definitely the best option.

Give the Kitchen a Little Renovation
The key words here are “a little.” It’s not good to go overboard when having a kitchen remodeling. You could easily sink thousands of dollars into upgrades that buyers don’t even like. Instead, the simplest of changes can add the most value. For instance, if your kitchen has old, peeling wallpaper, remove it. Replace it with a fresh coat of paint. Then update the light fixtures and any appliances that need it, but don’t feel that you have to redo the entire space from top to bottom. You can see more from Topsco and how their elegant designs will increase the value of your house and make it look appealing.

Don’t Make Any Special Room too Special
Buyers tend to like rooms they can easily remodel for their own purposes. So, try to make every room in your home versatile, not specialized. Making sure that all rooms have the proper flooring and wiring to be used as spare bedrooms, offices, or craft spaces and everyone will be happy.

Give Your Home Some Curb Appeal
A final tip is to give your home some curb appeal, especially when you’re ready to sell it. The best way to do that is with some brand new siding like tile roofing. That way, the potential home buyer will get a good impression about your home before they ever walk in the door.

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