Making Your Home Baby Safe, and Easier On You

One of a homes biggest safety hazards for kids are open outlets. Kids are notorious for finding things to stick in some of the weirdest places….a grape up the nose, a marble in their ear, a bobby pin in the outlet. As easy as we make it sound, sometimes baby proofing a home isn’t all that easy.

Well, in exchange for my honest review, I received some self closing outlet covers by Safety Baby, and plastic outlet coversdig them already, and let me tell you why.

Most of us are used to the standard plastic safety plugs that are cheap as dirt, do the trick, but are a pain in the rear. For one, they can be tough to remove sometimes, and by using the prongs on your plug to remove it, you damage the prongs. Second, once you take them out, they get lost, stepped on or chewed on by your baby.

Self closing outlet coversSo, instead of having to deal with that hassle, just replace your existing outlet cover with one of these self closing outlet covers. The sliding plate that mis-aligns the wholes is easy, with your plug, to move, yet very difficult for a child to do.

These plates are sturdy, bright white and look good on the wall.

With a three year old boy and a 4 month old future toddler in the home, these things are priceless. We have yet to have an accident involving an outlet yet and hope to never have one.

Great item for baby proofing a home. Here’s a link to read up on or purchase some of these Self Closing Outlet Covers

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