Tired of Yelling at Your Dog? Get a Dog Whistle.

Dog WhistleI love taking my dogs on walks because it’s pretty obvious that going on a walk is what they look forward to every day. From the moment they notice the leash in my hand they’re wagging their tails, panting and jumping up and down…which usually warrants some disciplinary action!

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Because I’m such an awesome dog trainer (NOT), I’ve taught my dogs how to walk me instead of me walking them. Seriously, after a dog walk I feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger, because my biceps and triceps are burning and have usually swollen a bit to make me appear insanely buff!

I finally get them to a point where I can let them off the leash and away they go…out of yelling distance. So, I usually just do my thing and hope they follow me because I hate trying to yell at them. I have even taken a few tips from Spectrum Canine Dog Training homepage, so that I can train my dogs well.

Since then I’ve received a dog whistle from Pet Vitalix. The first thing I did with the whistle was annoy my entire family! Even my kids! But as I was laughing, I noticed that my dogs were up and looking around to see where the noise was coming from. I realized that they responded. Since then, every time I blow the whistle, they come.

I haven’t yet graduated to using the whistle on free ground. I’m still using it within the boundaries of my fenced in yard. Once I feel they respond well enough to the whistle, I’ll attempt it on one of my walks. But the point is that I see progress.

As far as the dog whistle goes, I received it from Pet Vitalix in exchange for my honest opinion, and so far it’s a quality whistle. It has no plastic parts, being made completely out of metal. It’s pitch can be changed very easily by loosening and tightening the rear pieces of the whistle. It also came with a lanyard and a diamond plated name capsule to attach to my dogs collar.

It’s worth a shot! If you’re tired of yelling at your dogs and would like to get hardcore with a dog whistle, you can pick one up on Amazon using the link below.

Thanks Pet Vitalix for the great Dog Whistle!

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