Instantly Look Hotter with Aviator Style i-Design Sunglasses

Amy vs Dave Aviator Sun GlassesSome people have what it takes to look good in Aviator sunglasses and some just don’t. My significant other, does. As for myself, I’d like to think so, but a recent poll on Facebook would show otherwise. I guess when you’re competing against a supermodel, there’s not much hope.

Anyway, good thing I have such thick skin….

i-Design Sunglasses Review

The “Top Gun” or Aviator style of sunglasses has never really gone out of style…and ironically, the movies they’ve been used in haven’t really either.

The sunglasses you see Amy and myself wearing are imported from France and are a screw-free, hand-made design. If you’ve ever had to look for a screw that had just fallen from your glasses, you know how valuable a screw-free design is. Normally you’d find a screw where the arms pivot, but instead, it’s just pure stainless steel.

i-design sun glassesProbably the feature I like the most about these glasses is the frame. It’s extremely lightweight and, without having to bend the frame, molds to the contour of your face. Most glasses I’ve worn in the past have a solid frame…and sometimes that solid frame just doesn’t like your face, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, if Aviator glasses are your thing, and you’re looking for a great pair, these would definitely fit that mold. Here’s a link to pick up the i-Design Aviator Sunglasses on Amazon, and I hope you rock them as much as Amy does!

Although I did receive these glasses for free, the opinion above is my own.

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