New Face Moisturizer

So, I’m curious. What kind of face moisturizer do you use? The last time I ran out, I went to our local big-name store to get some new moisturizer and I felt so overwhelmed by all the choices. One thing I did learn, was before I went shopping I needed to know what type of skin I had and when I would be using it . I noticed that some moisturizers were for dry skin, some were for oily skin, some were to use at night, and others were for day use and even had SPF in them too. But, one thing is certain, I need moisturizer for sure. So once I figured out what I was looking for, A company named Asana contacted me and asked me to try their facial moisturizer. They sent me 4oz of their lovely face cream and let me just say, my face has never felt smoother. Asana Moisturizer This image is the Facial Moisturizer Cream 4OZ by Asana Beauty, and it is so creamy soft.
So here is what I noticed…

  • It’s Thick
  • Odorless
  • Feels really smooth when applied
  • Rich-Like texture
  • My skin felt very soft
  • Seemed like my skin tones were evened out, my dark spots seemed lighter

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