5 Reasons For You To Get a New Sofa

worn out sofaA new sleeper sofa can be an instant way to refresh a room and bring new life to the space. However, it can also be kind of expensive to replace a sofa which is why so many of us put it off a little bit longer than we really should. Let’s take a look at some of the clear signs that it is time you replace your sofa!

You Feel Like You Are Sinking

When your sofa is nearing the end of its life, you may start to feel as though you are really beginning to sink into it. The cushions are probably starting to get really flat and when you sit down you are probably finding that your knees are creeping up towards your chin! Once your sofa starts sinking, it is going to become uncomfortable and you may even have difficulty getting up out of it! If so, then it is time for it to go!

Faded Colors

As your sofa gets older, the color is bound to start fading. This is a combination to exposure to light and basic wear and tear from being rubbed and sat on every single day. If that once lush red sofa is now an ugly shade of Pepto Bismal pink, then it is time that you say goodbye and invest in a new sofa!

Fraying & Signs of Wear

Our sofas actually do have to stand up to a fair amount of punishment, don’t they? We sit on them and lie on them. Our kids and our pets climb all over them. We constantly brush against them. It is really no surprise that over time, the seams and the upholstery are gradually going to unravel or rip. Once your sofa starts to show these signs of wear it can be very difficult to disguise, so it is best just to get a new one.

It Creaks With Every Move

Have you begun to notice that every time you sit on your sofa, or even when we shift position a little your sofa is making ominous creaking noises? If so then that means your sofa is trying to tell you something very important! It is telling you that it literally cannot deal with you sitting on it for much longer. These creaks are a sure sign that your sofa is on its last leg and it could give way completely any day now. Why not buy a replacement before that gets a chance to happen!

You Have Fallen Out Of Love

Sometime, your sofa might be in decent condition, but you have just fallen out of love with the way it looks. Perhaps it just doesn’t suit your new décor? Maybe you’ve decided you would rather switch to a corner sofa design? Whatever the reason might be for you not liking your old sofa, it’s still a valid reason to seek a replacement. If you genuinely don’t like it then you are not going to be able to relax in the room at all.

If you have noticed these signs, then it is time to bite the bullet and start looking at buying a new sofa for your home. Try not to hang on to it until it becomes a dire situation. When you first start seeing these signs, that’s the time to start saving some benjamins and begin browsing Modern Furniture Miami for your next sofa.

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