Life is Easier with a Desktop Lamp (Product Review)

Desktop Lamp by Oak LeafLife is much easier with a desktop lamp, especially if you’re a late night worker like myself. It wouldn’t be so difficult except for the fact that I don’t have a room designated as my office, but instead have a desk located in our upstairs movie room, or family room. That’s where we like to collapse on the couch with blankets and popcorn at night and enjoy a show or two together as a family, but when Dad has to work, Dad has to work, and keeping the light on while the rest of the family is trying to watch a movie is a “No no!”

Also, if you’ve ever tried to type in the dark, for guys like me, it’s just a tad bit more difficult for some reason. As I type this article, I realize that I am not needing to look at the keyboard hardly at all. But for some odd reason, when the lights are off, typing becomes twice as difficult for me. I am always hitting the wrong key, and if I have to type numbers, all hell breaks loose.

Desktop Lamp by Oak LeafSo the solution to my problem is a desktop lamp! More specifically, a desktop lamp by Oak Leaf. Maybe I’m just a noob to desktop lamps, but I think this thing is cool.

Oak Leaf Desktop Lamp

The desktop lamp by Oak Leaf is an LED lamp that comes out of the box as a straight bar. By tweaking the bottom to the left, it becomes the lamps stand, and the LED light folds up to make a sleek and attractive looking desktop item.

There’s no buttons, just a touch sensor for using the lamps three light settings. Every time my kids walk by the lamp they just can’t help but turn it on and off a few times. The touch pad is very sensitive and works perfectly. The says of pulling a chain to turn on a lamp are over!

It’s a good looking lamp that is sturdy, well built and works well. Here’s a link to pick on up on Amazon. I also recorded a quick video review of the lamp which you can watch below.

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