3 Things That Will Make Your Life Easier in the Kitchen

My wife and I share our responsibilities in the kitchen, whether it’s cooking or cleaning up, we work together to make sure our kids are fed and the kitchen stays tidy. I take a bit of pride in my ability to cook breakfast foods , such as French toast, porridge oats, scrambled or sunny-side-up eggs, breakfast burritos and so forth. Amy, on the other hand, cooks some amazing lunches and dinners, such as pulled pork, green chili burritos, flour tacos, and the list goes on.

Through the years, we’ve learned that having a few select items around can drastically make life easier in the kitchen.

3 Things that will make your life easier in the kitchen

Drawer Organizers

Silverware Organizer Some cabinetry comes with drawer organizers already installed and some don’t. I can’t tell you how much I despise having to sort through a drawer full of cooking utensils. It’s even worse when all of your silverware are in the drawer without some sort of organization. My wife and second daughter have taught me the importance of keeping things organized. Life is much less stressful….unless something is out of place, of course!

Expandable Bambook Silverware OrganizerFor example, I recently received an expandable bamboo silverware drawer organizer from Lake House Products in exchange for my honest opinion of it. We already had an organizer for our silverware drawer, but it kept sliding apart. Items would somehow sneak underneath it from the side slots, and we had to screw it together in order to keep it from coming apart. Not ideal.

The bamboo organizer is just the opposite. It doesn’t come apart when expanding, is very sturdy, doesn’t allow things to slip underneath it and is well laid out.

Professional Rocking Pizza Cutter

TipNToss Rocking Pizza CutterI also recently received a Rocking Pizza Cutter from TipNToss in exchange for my review, and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a traditional rolling pizza cutter. Yes it’s a bigger item to store, but it’s well worth it. This particular pizza cutter has a nice, solid wooden handle and a thicker stainless steel blade which doesn’t bend or tweak. When using a rolling pizza cutter, the pizza toppings would get pushed around from one side of the pizza to the other, making the pizza a big mess. This rocking pizza cutter solves that problem and I can cut my pizza into slices in half the time.

Pressure Cooker

Ivation Pressure Cooker Ivation Pressure CookerWhen Amy and I were married, if I remember right, we received several different styles and sizes of crock pots, and that’s what we’ve used since then for cooking Sunday roasts, pulled pork and green chili meat. Up until recently, I really never knew of anything better that could cook the meat so tender. My Dad purchased a pressure cooker, which cooked his food in a portion of the time, and had it coming out so tender and delicious.

After seeing how much he loved his, I had a recent opportunity to receive a significant discount on an Ivation 7 in 1 pressure cooker, in exchange for my review, and I couldn’t pass it up. Taking it out of the box was like looking into my future, and my future looked delicious.

My first meal cooked in my new pressure cooker was a roast dinner, with potatoes, carrots and some onion. It was done in a little over an hour and was delicious, of course. It worked great and is a very nice addition to any kitchen.

So again, a pressure cooker saves me time and the food tastes better……yeah, never going back to a crock pot.

In closing, I think we’ve just scratched the surface of kitchen items that can make life easier, which is why I’d like to hear from you. What do you have in your kitchen as well as those luxury kitchens that you just can’t live without?

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